Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Owner: City of Scottsdale
Project Type: Job Order Contract
Construction Dates: 07/08 to 09/13

This project included the rehabilitation of 65,200 LF of 8” to 12” VCP sewer lines with the Ultraviolet Light Cured-In-Place Pipe (UV CIPP) method. Work also included 1,650 top hat lateral seals as well as cleaning, videos (pre/post), bypass pumping, liner installation, reinstatement of laterals, top hats, restorations and traffic control.





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UV Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) Rehabilitation

Achen-Gardner is your certified Blue-Tek™ liner installer. We are licensed to provide associated services in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Partnering with Reline America, Inc., we provide a high-quality and cost-competitive Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation solution.

Blue-Tek™ liners are made of spiral-wound fiberglass and high-strength epoxy resins that are cured with ultraviolet light. They provide more strength and allow a 50-60% reduction in wall thickness when compared with polyester felt-type liners.

Our team is ready to assist you in evaluating this competitive alternative. Contact Dan Broderick, Director of Pipeline Rehabilitation, for more information.

Product Comparison

Achen-Gardner-Reline-America-Blue-Tek-Liner-promo-290px Download a Blue-Tek™  fact sheet or a chart that compares the differences between Blue-Tek™ Ultraviolet Light CIPP and Traditional CIPP.

Installation: How it works

Achen-Gardner-Reline-America-UV-Cured-CIPP-process2Download an informational graphic showing Reline America, Inc. and Achen-Gardner's process for installing Blue-Tek™ liners.