Canal 1 Joint Works and Managed Aquifer Recharge 1B Construction

Project Owner: Gila River Indian Community
Project Type: Design-Bid-Build
Construction Dates: 09/17 to 03/18

This project includes the construction of improvements to the existing Canal 1 Joint Works conveyance and delivery system and the construction of a new a turnout conveyance system to deliver water to the MAR 1 B site. The scope includes of 5,315 LF of new 48” and 36” DIP irrigation pipe, 155 LF of 42” HDPE to be sliplined under State Route 287, 138 LF of new 24” DIP irrigation turnout pipe, two new control valves within concrete vaults, three new flow meters with concrete vaults, four new air valves with concrete vaults, miscellaneous irrigation structures and other appurtenances, and the removal and disposal or salvage of various existing facilities.