UV CIPP Case Study Featured in Cleaner Magazine Print

Achen-Gardner Construction has self-performed the rehabilitation of more than 150,000 LF of pipe using UV CIPP.

The following article was published in the October 2015 issue of Cleaner Magazine, a national publication for drain and pipe cleaning, inspection and rehabiltation professionals. It is just one example of Achen-Gardner's ability to work with clients to solve problems and deliver quality results. Achen-Gardner is the exclusive installer of Reline America Inc.'s ALPHALINER Ultraviolet Light Cured-In-Place Pipe (UV CIPP) liner system in Arizona and New Mexico. This pipe rehabilitation technology utilizes a resin-and-fiberglass-reinforced liner and maximizes the capacity of the host pipe system. Visit our UV CIPP page for more information about the UV CIPP process and more examples of our local projects.




A contractor hired by the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department in Tucson, Arizona, was inspecting a 12-inch DIP sanitary sewer line under a Union Pacific Railroad crossing, and their CCTV camera was stuck in a section of the pipe that was partially deteriorated. The county asked all three of their JOC contractors to offer their best plan for getting the camera out. Achen-Gardner Construction’s plan was chosen and work began immediately.


Achen-Gardner Construction sent a camera down the line and used a rodding machine with a hook attachment to extract the stuck camera and associated cables. Crews then video inspected both sides of the deteriorated section to determine the line was clear of debris and could be lined. Crews successfully lined the entire 385 feet of 12-inch pipe using Reline America’s ALPHALINER in one of the busiest industrial intersections in Pima County. The team coordinated with Union Pacific Railroad and Tucson Electric Power, which has a large facility next to the job site, to perform this work quickly and safely. The team worked 24/7 to complete the work before Christmas.