City of Chandler Lift Station & Force Main Project Wins ACEC AZ Grand Award Print

Achen-Gardner Construction's City of Chandler Ocotillo WRF/Airport WRF Lift Station and Force Main CMAR Project won a Grand Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies of Arizona (ACEC AZ).


Wilson Engineers, the project's prime consultant, received the award at the ACEC AZ Engineering Excellence Awards competition held at the Phoenix Art Museum on October 5, 2013.

According to ACEC AZ: "What makes this project unique is the incorporation of redundancy and ability to use the lift station to separate industrial waste flows from domestic sewage, or to combine them prior to distribution to the City's WRFs. With energy efficiency in mind, Wilson Engineers designed the new lift station with small and large pumps and a large diameter HDPE force main. This unique and efficient way of managing wastewater movement and treatment will set a precedent in the industry and help the public get the most out of a precious resource."

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ACEC-Lift-Station-Grand-Award-605px-1 Achen-Gardner Construction Heavy Civil General Contractor City of Chandler Lift Station and Sanitary Sewer Project Intel Plant Chandler Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility ACEC AZ Grand Award 

ACEC-Ocotillo-Pipelines-Grand-Award-290px-380px-1 Achen-Gardner Construction Heavy Highway General Contractor Ocotillo Pipelines South Chandler Wastewater Force Main OWRF to AWRF and Water Transmission Main City of Chandler 42 inch diameter HDPE wastewater and 24 inch diameter DIP water main ACEC AZ Grand Award