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Achen-Gardner Construction is the proud contractor for the South Arizona Avenue Corridor Improvements project. It was a pleasure working with the City of Chandler, and according to this letter, the feeling is mutual.

Read the letter of commendation from the City of Chandler below or click on the image to see the PDF.


March 3, 2011

Dennis Troggio
Achen-Gardner Construction, LLC
550 S. 79th Street
Chandler, AZ 85226

RE: Letter of Commendation for Achen-Gardner Construction South Arizona Avenue Corridor Improvements

The City of Chandler is so pleased with the work that Achen-Gardner did on the South Arizona Avenue Improvement project. Your company has been an integral part of this CM@R project from design to completion. This was a highly visible project that ran through the heart of our Downtown and presented many logistical challenges. Achen-Gardner met and exceeded those challenges to bring us the project of our dreams on budget and within our very aggressive time frame.

From the very beginning, Achen-Gardner was actively engaged in helping us understand the cost implications and constructability of our various design concepts. You were at every public meeting, every stakeholder discussion. That is saying a lot when you consider we had over 40 such events. At every meeting, your team did a great job answering public questions and allaying fears.

As we went to GMP, Achen-Gardner did all they could to help us create a champagne project from a juice budget. You absorbed many costs and helped us explore how to minimize construction charges while still staying true to the aesthetics. You saw the vision of where we were trying to go in taking a street project and using it to help create a place, and took the utmost care with our specialty elements.

When we went to construction, it was almost anti-climactic because of the relationships your team had built and the quality of that team. In our Downtown, even the small business owners are politically well connected and are quite vocal. The very small number of calls the City received was truly impressive, especially given that many of our historic buildings sit right on the property line. Achen-Gardner was literally working on the front door step of some of the founding families. The few calls we did get were quickly resolved.

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. We've received many accolades from our businesses, property owners and even the media for the level of care that was given to our businesses. Our schedule was breakneck, but Achen-Gardner met it and even went above and beyond in sponsoring our first Block Party to show off the improvements. Achen-Gardner put their name on this project and then exceed our expectations.

Having survived many other construction projects, it was nice to finally enjoy construction. That alone is worthy of an award, but combined with the quality of your work, it's an easy choice.

Teri Killgore
Downtown Redevelopment Manager
City of Chandler, AZ